Hello and welcome to my healthy living blog! From DIY to travel and food, The Renaissance Gal is your guide to living a more creative lifestyle. I believe that we are all creative beings with infinite possibilities and opportunities to expand, so why not start living the life you want today!

This blog was created to inspire others to expand their creativity and overall well-being to achieve more freedom in their lives. Through working in several specialized fields – mechanical engineering and psychology, I learned that I had a passion for helping others, expressing my creativity in unlimited ways and living a more freer lifestyle.

This blog is a complete reflection of me, someone who has gone through several re-births of some sort while acquiring many new skills and knowledge (hence the name, The Renaissance Gal). I intend to share tips and advice that I hope will inspire and help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

But before I go, let me share a little about myself.

As a mechanical engineer, therapist and soon-to-be pro-blogger, I started this blog because I wanted an outlet to express my true passions- creating and designing things, solving problems and helping people connect to various resources, services and solutions; hence, the merging of the engineer and therapist/social worker in me. I wanted to start living on my own terms, start living on my own terms, doing and writing about things that I love like Do-It-Yourself home improvement and décor items, travel, holistic health tips, relationships and fashion, and I wanted to bring in extra income from my 9-5 as a Mental Health Specialist because let’s face it, working in a community agency setting doesn’t always make it easy to live comfortably unless you’re on a tight budget.

At first, I was so anti-blogging. To hear so many people start a blog just to share some of their daily and/or life experiences kind of turned me off especially since I’m kind of a private person. Sure I have different social media accounts but I was totally that person to post pictures, thoughts, and articles sporadically. And maybe that comes from my fears but, either way, I’ve been that person to not share a whole lot about themselves with the public until now.

Why Now?

I felt it was time to pursue and create a lifestyle that would allow me to live the life of my dreams while helping people get to where they want to go. Sure, it’s somewhat different from engineering and therapy/social work but I’m able to use the skills I gained in a different way while reaching more people; especially since, I’ve learned how to somewhat come out of my shell as a therapist. So you might be wondering… mechanical engineer, therapist? Wait, what? I don’t get it?

Career Change

Well, I started my career as a mechanical engineer because I really enjoyed solving problems, and creating and designing really cool technologies (from cars to laser and weather satellite systems). I was on the upward path to engineering management 10 years into my career when I realized I wasn’t really passionate about what I was doing on a day to day basis. I started to feel my heart strings tug more and more in the direction of helping people in a more direct way. So after doing a bit a of soul-searching, I realized it was time for me to change careers to do something I was more passionate about.. a sort of awakening or rebirth. I knew I liked helping people and solving problems so I decided upon psychology as I’ve always been the introspective girl who loves buying self-help books to improve myself. Plus I could utilize my analytical skills in helping people solve their own problems (Disclaimer: I am not acting in any way under my therapist license with this blog, and I am not taking on individual clients).

After 10 years in engineering I went back to school and received a Master’s in Clinical Psychology (with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy) while working full-time in engineering. I finally got the nerve to quit my close to six-figure job to take a massive pay cut to embark upon this new career. In doing all of this, I amassed a large amount of school and living expense debt, and I had to convince my family that I would do just fine in this new career, as they were all scared about how I would be able to support myself. Although it has been a significant financial and life change, I’ve learned so much about myself, how to interact with and help others in a more meaningful way, and how to live more frugally out of necessity.

Words of Advice

Know that I shared my story just to highlight to people who are scared of changing careers, following their passions or creating the lifestyle of their dreams that it is 100% doable. Yes, it might seem scary or uncomfortable to go through the change but it is SO WORTH it when you’re really doing something you love and enjoy. I always tell people that if I’m going to spend most of my time at a 9-5 whether it’s my business or someone else’s, I need to really enjoy it because no one wants to spend their time doing something that is soul sucking or uninspiring.

So I encourage each and everyone of you to follow your passion and don’t allow others to box you in or make you believe that you can’t make it in whatever it is your heart desires, even if it’s tiddlywinks. The truth is, the sky is the limit and there are so so many paths you can take to achieve your goals. Just trust in yourself, be open to guidance/solutions, and don’t limit yourself…period! Lastly, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by my site. I hope you will find something that helps, inspires or tickles your fancy. Enjoy!

I received an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for close to 10 years in the Military Defense Engineer before I had an awakening of some sort. I knew that I loved helping people and wanted to devote more of my time to humanitarian efforts. So, I went back to school and received a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. As you can imagine, I took a large paycut that resulted in over 50,000 in school and credit card debt. a Mechanical Engineer and through a, what I will call, an awakening or rebirth I changed careers to be a Marriage and Family Therapist to , I’ve gone through several, what I will call, awakening’s or changes I want you to be the best you, you can be by living your best life.
Now we want to share these tips and advice with others and would love to collaborate with anyone that has great ideas and inspirations!